Sustainable Yards and Homes provide building performance, interior design and landscaping expertise so that the building and the adjacent open space is treated in a holistic, sustainably-sensitive manner. We work with building owners, contractors and architects to ensure that New York’s older buildings are restored and retrofitted to become energy efficient, comfortable and inviting spaces in which to live and work.

We incorporate the restoration of original building details into a new aesthetic that is consistent with and conducive to busy, urban family lifestyles. Our approach is practical and sustainable. With a cadre of energy efficiency experts, engineers and architects, we cast trained eyes over an apartment or rowhouse to make  sure that renovations enhance the energy efficiency of the buildings and make the most of limited urban spaces.  From energy audits to restoring and reusing original materials–we work to return a pre-war apartment or rowhouse to its former glory–but better.  For more about our sustainable design services, Read on…

Enhance your Personal Space While Benefitting the Environment

Find closet space and increase energy efficiency: An HVAC Retrofit Case Study

HVAC contractors often design an HVAC system without conducting true calculations to size your system.  What’s worse, an over-sized system is an inefficient system that not only costs you more to run but literally leaves you hot and cold, by turns.  A recent HVAC retrofit “found” lost closet space by right-sizing and remounting air handlers to fit above ceilings.

Historic Preservation

Too often, contractors overlook opportunities to reclaim, restore and enhance historic ceiling moldings, door hardware and intricate detailing of many of New York City’s pre-war buildings.  Sensitive restoration is not only sustainable, it’s beautiful.  And older detailing can make modern retrofits pop–making a cookie-cutter modernist design much more interesting and eye-catching.

Reclaim Urban Open Spaces

To move beyond bricks and mortar towards a more livable city we can search our habitat with new glasses to imagine how we can makeover our micro-environments within our budgets.

The 53,000 acres of NYC residential yard space pack a powerful punch cleaning and enhancing our urban environment every day.  While this treasured resource is often overlooked, it can be sustainably greened to enhance our quality of life while we do your part to help the environment.  Simple, affordable steps can be taken to reclaim these underappreciated assets.   Look around your apartment building and you might find a small pocket of open space that can accommodate some large planters or an in-ground garden bed, some chairs and a table.  You might be surprised to find a slice of nature close to your own front door.

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