Hurricane Sandy Hit us Hard

Hurricane Sandy wrought havoc on our lives, a very scary pre-Halloween event that brings home the reality that climate change is upon us.  It is evidenced by the increasing occurance of epochal storms, droughts and temperature extremes. The lives lost and the suffering and hardship endured by New Yorkers begs the question: why do we, as a society, turn our backs on the science which tells us that climate change is here?  We must take our jobs as stewards of our environment more seriously and do our utmost to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

As we strive to rebound and reestablish our balance in the coming days and weeks, we need to rebuild assuming that the Irenes and Sandys of the recent past will reinvent themselves increasingly often.  After all, a 100-year storm may not occur every 100 years–the term technically means a storm of that magnitude has a 1% change of occuring in any given year; studies indicate that these significant storms are likely to hit our shores much more often, thanks to climate change, even as often as every 3-4 years by the year 2080.





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