Sustainable Homes

removing window surround to insulate SMALLSustainable Homes approaches retrofits of rowhouses and traditional apartments through a lens that incorporates building energy performance, historic preservation and interior design and landscaping expertise.

The most cost-effective time to enhance your comfort and reduce your energy costs is when you renovate you living space.  Installing insulation when you make even modest changes like painting or kitchen-upgrade can provide a terrific opportunity to blow insulation between walls, air seal holes around pipes and other gaps between floors.  To see a video of a Sustainable Homes rowhouse design and energy retrofit, click here:

Contractors often encourage building residents to throw out old moldings, doors, window and door hardware or floor boards, saying it is either too expensive or not possible to restore.  Often, this is not the case and it might even be less expensive to save and use these reminders of your building’s rich history.  Sustainable Homes can help you decide the best route to take for you and your family. Within your budget too.  Our approach is pragmatic and we aim to listen to you, the client and match your needs and tastes to a design that makes the most of your living space.

Rowhouses and traditional often have at least vestiges of original materials that can be restored or even moved around in a space to create rich, inviting traditional rooms that fit in with a contemporary lifestyle.   We can work with architects and contractors to lend expertise to determine if it is possible and affordable to save old floors and original detail.  We can also assist in the determination as to whether building systems, such as heating and cooling, need to be replaced to achieve a more energy efficient and comfortable living space.

We can also design kitchens and bathrooms for real, 21st century, urban living that will grow with and accomodate the needs of you and your family.  To see another Sustainable Homes design renovation, click here.



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