Write a Letter of Support for Tax Abatement bill # A2194

A draft letter to support this tax abatement which offers an incentive of $4.50 sf for the removal of hardscape in urban yards if replaced by vegetation and permeable surfaces. To see the bill, please click here.

Your letterhead

Please email this letter to Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal
and email or fax a copy of the letter below to:
sustainableyards@earthlink.net or fax to 212 724 8999


Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal
District Office
230 West 72nd Street, Suite 2F
New York, NY 10023

e-mail: rosenthall@assembly.state.ny.us
Fax: (212) 873-6520

Re: Hardscape Removal Tax Abatement NYS A-2194

Dear Assemblymember Rosenthal:

I strongly support the tax abatement A 2194 which incentivizes the removal of impermeable surfaces from residential urban yards if they are subsequently replaced with soil and vegetation.

There are more than 53,000 acres of private yardspace in NYC but much of these areas are covered by hard, impermeable surface cover, contributing to combined sewer overflow events. Every year, our water treatment system is overwhelmed by increasingly heavy rain events, such that more than 27 billion gallons of untreated sewer water is directed into our waterways. By removing some of this hardscape, we can improve our environment while enhancing the beauty and functionality of even small pockets of open space tucked behind rowhouses, multi-family buildings and other residential building types.

It’s simple–the less hardscape that covers our land, the cleaner our air and the healthier our environment—vegetation absorbs and stores carbon and other pollutants and soil filters and cleans water; reducing hardscape can even lower summertime urban temperatures, since concrete and other dark surface cover radiates heat.

Please support this important incentive that will improve our environment and reduce our burden on the City’s water treatment system.

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